Elements of Calculus I

Modeling data with polynomial functions, exponential functions, and logistic functions. Rates of change and the derivative. Application of the derivative including optimization and inflection points. Result of cumulative change and the definite integral.
Teaching history:
  • 2017 Fall
    -- H. Joshi.
  • 2017 Spring
    -- M. Lennon (x2).
  • 2016 Fall
    -- H. Joshi (x2).
  • 2016 Summer
    -- B. Rossa (x2).
  • 2016 Spring
    -- J. Butz (x2), H. Joshi (x2), R. Margevicius, C. Staat.
  • 2015 Fall
    -- Z. Chughtai (x2), K. Fox-Neff, H. Joshi (x2), M. Lennon, C. Staat, J. Wagner.
  • 2015 Summer
    -- S. Doran, D. Otero, B. Rossa.
  • 2015 Spring
    -- M. Catral, Z. Chughtai, S. Doran (x2), E. Nastase (x2), B. Rossa, E. Saracusa (x2), C. Staat.
  • 2014 Fall
    -- M. Catral (x2), Z. Chughtai, H. Joshi (x2), E. Nastase, B. Rossa (x2), E. Saracusa (x2), E. Sheerin.
  • 2014 Summer
    -- H. Joshi, B. Rossa (x2).
  • 2014 Spring
    -- D. Berry, J. Butz, M. Catral (x2), S. Doran, A. Hill, H. Joshi, E. Nastase, B. Rossa (x2), J. Wagner.
  • 2013 Fall
    -- J. Butz (x2), S. Doran (x2), H. Joshi, M. Lennon (x2), E. Nastase (x2), B. Rossa, J. Wagner.
  • 2013 Summer
    -- S. Doran, B. Rossa (x2).