Hi, my name is Grisha

I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Mathematics, Xavier University,
Cincinnati, OH.

  • A little bit about me

    My postdoc years I spent at the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Binghamton University—a most amazing place in every respect—where in addition to the usual stuff I fell in love with topology.

    Previously, I graduated from the Department of Mathematics at University of Southern California in 2014 under the supervision of Prof. Alexander Tartakovsky.

    And it all started with Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology where I received my M.S. in Applied Mathematics and Physics / Information Processing and Control Systems in 2008. I still consider myself a bit of a physist.

    I will finish off with my favorite quote which I discovered not so long while watching one of the Periodic Videos about Exploding Hydrogen Bubbles:

    And it's always good to be wrong. It shows that you are learning something.

  • Research interests
    When not teaching, I am primarily interested in applied probability and theoretical statistics (sequential analysis, to be more specific).
    In the past I've also had a lovely time with numerical analysis and parallel programming. I still find the computer science aspect of mathematical research quite fascinating.
  • Possibly irrelevant

    I love to sail, I cannot play the piano as well as I would like to, and the number of slides I claim to have on my presentations is 1729.