Hi, my name is Grisha

  • A little bit about me

    I was born and grew up in Moscow. In 2008 I received my M.S. in Applied Mathematics and Physics and shortly afterward moved to Los Angeles to study mathematics. But I do have to say that I still consider myself a bit of a physist.

    In 2014 I graduated from the Department of Mathematics at University of Southern California under the supervision of Prof. Alexander Tartakovsky and Prof. Sergey Lototsky. My postdoc years I spent at the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Binghamton University, where in addition to the usual stuff I fell in love with topology. The following six years I spent at Xavier University where I leaned sooo much from my dear friends at the Department of Mathematics. I work at The College of New Jersey.

    I will finish off with my favorite quote which I discovered not so long while watching one of the Periodic Videos about Exploding Hydrogen Bubbles:

    And it's always good to be wrong. It shows that you are learning something.

  • Research interests

    When not teaching, I am primarily interested in applied probability and theoretical statistics (sequential analysis, to be more specific).
    In the past I've also had a lovely time with numerical analysis and parallel programming. I still find the computer science aspect of mathematical research quite fascinating.

  • Links and references
    You can find more information in my CV, and find some of my work on:
  • Possibly irrelevant

    I love to sail, I cannot play the piano as well as I would like to, and the number of slides I claim to have on my presentations is 1729. I also suspect that Ahasver is my ancestor.