Intro to Quantitative Reasoning

This course creates a foundation for students to develop their Numeracy skills and confidence when dealing with quantitative information in every-day life. These quantitative skills have become necessary for anyone who wants to lead a well-informed and impactful life in today's data-entrenched world and society. We will read many magazine and newspaper articles and book excerpts, we will learn to use Excel to produce graphs, and to help us with otherwise complicated calculations about loans and savings, we will learn to distinguish between 'Size' and 'Relative Size' and to use appropriate language to express each. Ideas like percentages, rates, ratios, and proportionality will be a major focus. This course does not require a strong mathematical background, and is therefore an alternative mathematics entry point for many students.
No prerequisites.
Teaching history:
  • 2020 Spring
    -- B. Rossa (x2).